Star City Optimist Youth Foundation

 Star City Optimist Youth FouNDATION Update

SCOYF coordinates the joint activities of Lincoln’s Optimist Clubs.  Organized as a 501(c)3, it is able to accept tax deductible gifts and contributions from companies and individuals to support its role. 

ORGANIZATION:  The SCOYF Board of Directors is comprised of two representatives from each club plus an elected president, secretary, treasurer, and Zone Lt. Governor. It operates on the “Optimist Year” calendar beginning October 1st.

A major project of SCOYF is the Optimist Youth Sports Complex, comprised primarily of 4 baseball/softball fields at 5300 S. Folsom in SW Lincoln.  Fields or the clubhouse are available for rent.

Regular activities coordinated by the SCOYF include:

TIME FRAME         ACTIVITY                       DESCRIPTION

Sept/Oct                Tri-Star Football              Hosts five local Punt, Pass, and Kick contests plus State Finals at Nebraska Wesleyan attracting                                                                           150+ qualifiers.

November             Community Awards         Honoring “lifetimes of serving youth” volunteers with Hartley Doane Mentoring and Bob Lund                                                                                 Sportsmanship Awards plus a Corporate Award.

Dec-Feb                 Academic Decathlon      Host “practice scrimmage” here in Lincoln, assist at Regional and StateFinals for 50+                                                                                             participating state high schools.

Winter/Spring        Oratorical & Essay          Holding local Oratorical and Essay qualifiers for State and Int’l  contests.

March                    MIT Basketball                On-site ticket sales assistance for YMCA with Midwest Invitational Basketball Tourney involving                                                                             nearly 400 teams from grades 3-8.

April/May               Tri-Star Baseball             Host local and Sectional MLB Pitch, Hit, & Run skills contests

Summer                Fun Day in the Park        Work with local neighborhood associations and service agencies to provide a fun, educational                                                                               experience in a local park. 
June/July               Homer’s Heroes              Baseball program for over 100 physically and mentally challenged youth ages 6-17 on eight teams                                                                       who play a 6 week season.

Fall                         CCC                                Fundraisers and distribution for the Childhood Cancer Campaign benefiting local families, on our                                                                         Family Registry, area camps, and national pediatric cancer research .

Fall                         Newspaper Salute           A 2 page Optimist Salute in the Neighborhood Extra highlighting activities of each club, any                                                                                  special activities, and promoting membership.
Monthly                All Optimist Newsletter       Email or regular mail of SCOYF & Sports Complex activities.

Year around         Website                      for club and Foundation information

Bob Grundman